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ASBIS welcomes experienced professionals who are passionate about IT and want to achieve more with a strong and diverse team. We are on a mission to bring technology to everyone and are looking for new colleagues. Are you the one?
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We are an international company with over 30 years of experience and the reputation of a reliable partner. As a certified Great Place to Work, we aim to create an excellent workplace, where everyone feels valued, trusted and included.
Our teams are diverse, the work environment is dynamic, and our growth is stable. We develop leaders and encourage taking ownership of one’s work.
If you are looking for a rewarding career with a clear progression plan in a team that supports constant learning, ASBIS is the right choice.

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Our values

We follow high standards of integrity and maintain openness in communication, striving to build trust with everyone we interact with at every stage of cooperation.

Our values ​​and ethical principles are a priority for us at all levels of business and form the basis for our reputation of a reliable partner and employer.


We respect individuality, provide equal opportunities and encourage diversity in opinions and approaches to work, creating an environment where people of different nationalities, cultures, religions, ages, and genders can feel comfortable and engaged.

We also respect the world outside of our company and strive to conduct business in a way that meets the needs of today, without compromising the chances of future generations to meet their needs tomorrow.


We work with advanced technologies, but most importantly we work with people, so strong and mutually beneficial relationships are the foundation of our success.

We take pride in the team spirit of our employees, their enthusiasm and skill, which we try to maintain knowing that together we can achieve great things.


Strong leaders lead by example. We strive to be an example for others and help develop leadership skills in our employees.

Our desire to develop professional skills and personal qualities allows us to grow leaders whose example inspires all team members and makes us stronger.

Employees benefits
Health insurance for you and your family
Professional training and development
Flexible work options, including remote
Motivation system
Paid sick leave and vacations
Gifts for special occasions
Corporate discounts
Corporate parties
Gifts for holidays and birthdays
Bonuses for years of service
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