In human relations to understand the personality is enough to know his/her friends: “Tell me who you go with and I'll tell you who you are”. In business we rather say: “show me your office and I’ll tell you your corporate values”.

Therefore we invite you to explore our Headquarter, the Hi-tech Cluster. We would be glad you come to know us better.

ASBISc Enterprises PLC head office is situated in Limassol, the business capital of Cyprus. Two-story Hi-tech Cluster spreads over the territory of 11,100 m2 including the parking lot. On the ground floor, besides offices, there is a store, a showroom, a small warehouse and 3 laboratories. On the second floor dining room, conference room and various offices are located.

Before ASBIS renovate the building, the premises used to be a factory. The design team has been working for 12 months to make the space the way you see it now. Hi-tech Cluster started functioning from June 2022.

The operational excellence, the most technologically advanced solutions for clients, multi-disciplinary team of experts, excellent workplace as well as working environment. All these corporate principles predetermined the choice of the company's headquarter. In ASBIS we believe that success could be reached through the focus. With that in mind each interior detail supports the creative way of thinking and is functional at the same time.

ASBIS Headquarter was designed and equipped in line of the main company’s CSR targets: more efficiency, more understanding, more recycling.

Going right means going green

Being a conscious company, during renovation ASBIS used efficient and ecological methods of design and construction as well as eco-friendly materials. The premises are equipped with the latest technology. The whole building is indirectly powered by solar energy, through the purchase of electricity from a producer and supplier of clean energy.

It worth to be mentioned that in general ASBIS is very attentive for the recycling matter. ASBIS is putting a lot of efforts into recycling or disposing of electronic waste and other rubbish in a proper way.

The company encourages its employees to sort trash by personal example. ASBIS takes part in various environmental and sustainability initiatives. The latest one is the recycling charity EU initiative Plastic caps for the future. The Company reuses the cartons that come with the products purchased by vendors, which results in much lower carton usage. Furthermore the ASBIS headquarter is hosting battery recycling points, where employees can bring used up batteries to be recycled. Moreover, all ASBIS own brands are using the green packaging, which are made from recycled materials, while plastic blisters and hooks have been replaced with paper trays and hooks.

All the efforts in eco direction have been recognized several times by the Corporate Climate Crisis Awareness Study, project run by the Foundation for Reporting Standards.

Great place to work

Team – is the heart of our company. Our employees form the human capital that powers our organization. That’s why every detail of the working place should covers the employee’s needs.

During the renovation the designers used the most pleasant, light colors that help employees to relax or take a break from a busy day to look for new, fresh ideas. The HQ also provides enough space for corporate workshops, meetings as well as vibey, warm gatherings with colleagues.

ASBIS supportive work environment has been repeatedly recognized by the employees. Among the latest recognition: ASBIS has achieved a 86% employee satisfaction rating from Great Place to Work® — the global authority on workplace culture.

Future Creators

ASBIS has a wide portfolio of innovative startups and create the best conditions for developing know-how products and solutions. There are unique center for laboratories, production line for startups and own R&D center in Hi-tech Cluster.

Over the past few years invested in biotechnology, in particular in the startups which working on stem cell and RNA-based technologies for diagnosing and treating cancer and developing advanced collagen biomaterials for research and clinical applications.

In addition, in 2022 ASBIS intensified its contributions to the robotics segment and launched a new related business unit – ASBIS Robotic Solutions (AROS), which is also located in Hi-tech Cluster. One of the development of AROS, a robot dog, has already captures the hearts of the participants of the CloudFest, global Internet infrastructure event. So if you join us be ready to have small talk with robots.

Take a virtual tour of ASBIS Headquarter!