ASBIS is on the crest of the wave

ASBIS sailing team Bravo conquered second place in the race during the final stage of Cyprus Winter Cup 2022-2023, which took place on April 30, 2023 in beautiful Limassol Marina. Despite of a stormy weather, strong winds and large waves, during the regatta the Bravo team has shown mettle, ingenuity and seamless teamwork, main hallmarks of ASBIS corporate spirit.

Cyprus Winter Cup is a momentous event for the experienced sailors and amateurs from around the world. This year teams from Greece, Austria and Israel competed for the championship.

During the Winter Cup, 16 teams took part in competitions on the basis of the CYPRUS INTERNATIONAL SAILING CLUB at various stages. Each qualifying stage is a 4-day sailing experience: training session on the day one and three days of competitive racing.

At ASBIS we are proud of each employee and encourage the development of sports hobbies. We believe that wellness and happiness among staff are key pillars for a positive working climate and high business results. Sport is a perfect way for boosting team spirit in or outside the workplace.