ASBIS is the place to pursue your ambitions without limits

ASBIS was named one of the National Best Workplaces™ 2023 by the global authority on workplace culture Great Place To Work®. This recognition follows another announcement this year to list ASBIS as one of the top ten best IT companies to work for 2023 in the Middle East.

The survey Great Place To Work® assesses a company's level of generosity, care, and innovation in its programs for employees. It evaluates how well these programs demonstrate sincere dedication to meeting the diverse needs of employees in offices and beyond the workplace.

The recognition is remarkable because it relies solely on testimonials from ASBIS employees, who share them voluntarily and anonymously. Such high estimation is not by chance; it’s a result of many factors:

1. a friendly and team-based way of working;
2. exceptional compensation and comprehensive benefits packages that promote a healthy and productive lifestyle;
3. providing innovative solutions for flexible working schedules.

At ASBIS, we recognise that our people are our true asset and the foundation of our success. Having teams made up of ambitious and forward-thinking individuals inspire us to strive for improvement each day. That's why we invest not only in their professional development but also in creating a workplace that fosters approachability, teamwork, and friendliness. Our culture of collaboration and engaging projects make ASBIS an exceptional place to build a career, and everyone's voice is valued and heard”, - commented Julia Prihodko, Chief Human Resources Officer at ASBISC Enterprises PLC.