ASBIS Slovakia Contributes to Our Planet Health

Last month ASBIS Slovakia team made an essential contribution to saving the “green lungs” of the planet by conducting team building in the National Park of Tatras. This park covers the high-mountain area of the Tatras, and it is a unique protected area of flora and fauna among the tallest European high mountains situated north of the Alps.

The team members did a great job during their journey in the mountains. On the way up they collected 20 bags of waste, which is approximately 100 kg. All in all, they carried down 182 kg of waste. To brag even more, the average load for one employee was 30% heavier than at any other company event,

Besides, along the way, the team members painted 10 railings, 50 benches, 20 trash baskets, and 3 small and 1 large bridge. The Zamkovského Chalet received 468 kg of groceries. All was carefully carried on the backs of our ASBIS employees.

There is no “small” help. Each day is a great time to make something in this world better. Join our ASBIS team to succeed in your career and unlock the best of your personality.