Joy-filled ASBIS family day

ASBIS places high value on its employees, regarding them as the most precious asset. We prioritize the well-being of their families, which is why June became a month that focuses on family-oriented activities, including an amazing family day. Our goal was to bring our ASBIS employees closer together and highlight the significance of family.

We're happy to report that we achieved our objectives! Many families were presented, all having a wonderful time participating in fun activities, savouring delicious food, and hearing the sweet sound of children's laughter filling the air, their smiles lighted up the day.

We are pleased to see that family days are becoming a positive corporate tradition and a part of our support policy for employees. Our commitment is to support all of our working families and their various work and family care responsibilities. To achieve this, we strive to cultivate a family-friendly workplace culture through our policies and practices, ultimately leading to the best outcomes for our people.