Work hard – party harder

ASBIS Group marked the occasion of two corporate anniversaries in June.

At ASBIS, we always emphasise that our team consists of top-notch specialists from diverse continents united by a common goal to simplify business operations and digitise everyday routines. To maintain our position as industry leaders and achieve outstanding results, we prioritise three core principles: the more you do, the luckier you get; maintaining a healthy work-life balance, working hard and partying harder.

It appears that the last statement will be the main theme of our ASBIS summer in 2023. Why, you ask? Well, we already had two fantastic corporate parties during the first month of this summer.

On June 8th, ASBIS Romania commemorated its 25th anniversary with a fantastic corporate celebration. The event featured a delicious cake, fun contests, and valuable team bonding time.

On June 30th, Canyon, an ASBIS-owned brand, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a spectacular party held at an aerodrome. The festivities included 20 flights on light aircraft, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

Indulge in the true spirit of summer celebrations with our mesmerising photographs.